Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Top 5 Moments of this Campaign, thus far

Since this page is in some part an homage to one of the most gangster political moments of all time, I figure I should give it up for the most gangster moments of the 2008 campaign so far. I'm sure there's more to come with two pretty gangster candidates and cameras watching them at all times.

From the home office in Eugene, Oregon:

5. Mitt Romney letting the dogs out this was probably the least gangster moment, the most Brooks Brotherest candidate awkwardly using out of date "urban" references to connect with the heart of Duvall County (on MLK day). It had to make the list regardless. My favorite part is when he compliments the baby's "bling bling."

4. Bob Bauer ambushing Howard Wolfson
Obama's top lawyer, Bauer, got onto Clinton's conference call to get them to stop "attacking the caucus process." (The Clinton campaign had illegitimate lawsuits ready to discount every caucus.) Wolfson, Clinton's spokesman, was like a deer in headlights. Do yourself a favor and listen to the audio; it is hilarious. Bauer is my hero, not Jack.

3. Colbert Huckabee '08
Colbert could have all five of these spots. He has done more to discredit the right in the two years he's been on the air than the Democrats have been able to do in 30 years. Anyway, the "Colbert Bump" is real and Huckabee proved it. Huckabee was behind Duncan Hunter, Tommy Thomason, and Tom Tancredo before he went on Colbert. I would have voted for Huckabee just to see to see Colbert get at least a cabinet level position. It would have happened.

2. Carville calling Richardson "Judas"
James Carville, the Ragin Cajun, is one of my personal idols. He is a political genius. He loves college football. His marriage with Mary Matalin is proof enough that a Bipartisan agenda can be reached. Not to mention his distinguished acting career, Old School, People v. Larry Flint, The Assassination of Jesse James... I digress. What I admire most is his candor. He told the media exactly how he felt about Richardson's endorsement of Obama. Not only that, but he never backed down all while Samantha Power and Gerarldine Ferraro were back tracking worse than Mark Foley in the page changing room. Powerful lesson, don't say something if you're not willing to live with the consequences. Carville = Gangster

1. Barack Obama getting the dirt off his shoulders
Easily the most gangster moment of the campaign. Why has it taken so long for a candidate to quote the CEO of the ROC? Obama did. And I think this isn't the last song he quotes. Jigga already wrote his speech for when he locks up the nomination, "99 Prombems."

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