Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm such a maverick

I read Jane Sample's Fun with Branding. At first, I thought it was a creative idea to show how many brands and how much branding affects everyone's life. So, I made my own list yesterday (I can email to you if you like, but I'm too embarrassed to show it here). I was throughly disgusted with myself. How have I let myself become such a corporate shill? Today, I tried to minimize my brands. I skipped over Seattle's Best for Stumptown. I left the iPod at home and read the Mercury on the bus. I walked instead of driving to my friend's house. I drank Ninkasi instead of Budweiser. While this won't be a regular occurrence (I can't live without my Blackberry or Tag), it was self satisfying to piss against the wind. I'm not going to get all Reed College on you, but think for yourself once in a while. These brands try and push an image of independence and self fulfillment, but in reality they are doing the opposite.

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Kelli Matthews said...

Hilarious! Way to buck the system, Nigel. :) I haven't made my list, but I assume I'd be twice-corporatized (once for me and once for my young shill I'm raising).